The Grammy Amplifier’s #TheWorldIsListening Campaign Will Help Young Artists Have Their Music Heard This Year


Last week, Rihanna starred in a commercial for the 2013 Grammy Awards that featured her trying to walk through different doors as she talked about the importance of perseverance. “When a door closes,” she said in the clip, “you have two choices: give up or keep going.”

Originally, we thought the commercial was intended to simply reinforce how much hard work and effort Rih-Rih had to put into her career in order to make it to where she is today. But, as it turns out, it’s also meant to promote the #TheWorldIsListening campaign, an initiative that’s meant to help find the next Rihanna out there in the world. It’s all part of the Grammy Amplifier project that is going to give a bunch of young, up-and-coming artists the chance to have their music heard by “Amplifier Curators”—singers and performers who have been hand-picked to listen to newer artists and help get the word out about their music. Most of those “curators” are still under wraps. But, one has been announced, and it’s none other than RZA. “Every legend starts somewhere,” the Grammy Amplifier site says. “GRAMMY Amplifier gives you a chance to get your music in front of some of music’s biggest icons. Share your sound here and your track could be heard by millions of fans worldwide. Check back soon for the big reveal of our Amplifier Curators!” To find out more info about the #TheWorldIsListening campaign and to submit some of your music to be heard by the Amplifier Curators, head over to the Grammy Amplifier site to get more details. If you think you’ve got what it takes to “keep going,” as Rihanna says, it’s time to prove it. Who wants it most?

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