The Great Controversy: 10 Banned Films You Have To Watch

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Over the course of the history of film production, certain movies have stuck with moviegoers for all the wrong reasons. Some films are just fine with being all fluff and no filter. Yet other pictures aim to push the envelope, to defy conventionality, and sometimes, in order to tip those scales, certain filmmakers manage to peeve off the censors with their more risqué content.

While censorship standards vary widely by country, being banned is a luxury only reserved for the truly explicit. Many places around the globe have watchdogs looking to protect the impressionable masses from things deemed immoral, and yet there are plenty of films that would surprise you that are deemed shocking or controversial. But doesn’t that make these films any less awesome to watch!

Before you go run and tell the authorities about these explicitly prohibited pieces of cinema: just sit back, go through our list of the 10 Banned Films You Have To Watch, and say thank you to us in the comments section below.

Kevin L. Clark (@DLYDJ)