Hair Blogger Curly Nikki Launches Natural Hair Care Book


Curly Nikki“It is the must have guide for those thinking about going natural, those that are new to natural and those who are looking for ways to better care for their natural hair,” says Nikki. “It’s not a political manifesto… there’s no relaxer versus natural chapter, and there certainly isn’t any judgment.  This book is just as much for relaxed women as it is for natural women, as the goal is healthy hair.”

Read an excerpt from the hair bible below:

“Some days you’ll love your new do. Some days you’ll hate it. Looks and mood often intertwine to the detriment of both. Sometimes our outside problems can affect the way we feel about our hair, and sometimes not loving what we see in the mirror that morning can negatively influence the rest of our day. Understand that and keep in mind that your natural hair journey is reflective of your life’s journey. There will be ups and downs, hills and valleys. Embrace and appreciate the entire cycle.”

The book launches today, and everyone who buys the book and registers until Saturday will receive a $10 SheaMoisture coupon. Get the book here.

Photo Credit: Curly Nikki

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