Howard, the Black Harvard


Despite its nickname, Howard University has been open to all men and women from any race and creed since the school’s inception in 1867. According to the school’s website, when you study at Howard, you study at an institution that prides itself on being experienced, dynamic, and diverse.

The school was chartered by Congress on March 2nd, 1867 and much of the early funding came from endowments, private donations, and tuition. The U.S. Department of Education annually funds Howard University and HU Hospital. Students at Howard played a pivotal role in the Civil Rights movement (before it was even a movement) in 1943, the students organized sit–ins and Stokely Carmichael began the Black Panthers at Howard as well.

The campus of Howard is a marvel to see and many buildings are historic landmarks, such as Founders’ Library, Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, and Frederick Douglass Memorial Hall. As far as athletics go, not only is Howard home to its own Bison teams, Howard was home to three incarnations of the Washington Senators of baseball, as well as the Redskins and the part – time home of the Negro National League’s Homestead Grays.

If you still don’t understand how Howard breeds success, just look at some of their alumni. NASA astrophysicist, Beth Brown; former NYC Mayor, David Dinkins; Brandon Neal, the national director of the NAACP’s Youth and College division; Nobel Laureate, Toni Morrison; and P. Diddy have all attended Howard University.

The world of Howard University is as diverse as any college in the land and a sure fire way to begin your road to success with any career you choose.