Hulk Hogan Sues: Lawsuit After Spine Surgery

Another day, another Hulk Hogan lawsuit, as Hulk Hogan sues for some alleged medical misconduct.

The former wrestler/ reality show star sued a laser spine clinic for alleged malpractice. According to TMZ, Hogan is filing a $50 million suit against the Laser Spine Institute in Florida for allegedly performing bogus procedures that messed up his career. Hulk Hogans sues a lot of people, but this issue may have damaged his career.

Hogan claims that he went to the clinic in 2009, seeking treatment for multiple lumbar spinal abnormalities, but was not informed that the laser procedures would only be a temporary fix. As a result, Hogan cashed out for major back surgery, and now Hulk Hogan sues, saying he missed out on many money-making opportunities, including a $1 million match against WWE star John Cena.

He also claims that the company used his image and name to promote their business without his consent. Obviously, it’s not a big surprise when Hulk Hogan sues someone, but the thought that he might come back to the ring to take on superstar John Cena does make this one hurt a little more.

LSI has yet to comment. We’ll see who Hulk Hogan sues next. Hey, maybe his next reality show can be “Hulk Hogan Sues” and he can start to recoup some of that lawsuit money!