Jamie Foxx Talks Pitching “100 Black Coffins” To Ross and Tarantino on The Jonathan Ross Show


There’s no shortage of entertainment where Jamie Foxx is concerned.

In a recent appearance on the Jonathan Ross show, the “Django Unchained” star discusses his extravagant New Year’s events with Leonardo DiCaprio, fathering an 18-year-old daughter and how Rick Ross became involved with Quentin Tarantino’s soundtrack.

“‘Django’ is like the hood so I’m watching Rick Ross and Quentin talk to each other and I’m like ‘Rick, I’m not a rapper but I have this song idea for you and it should be called ‘100 Black Coffins’ because it’s a spaghetti western” Foxx explains. “But here’s what I think you should say, ‘I need a 100 black coffins for 100 bad men/ 100 black graves so I can lay they ass in/ I need a 100 black preachers with a black sermon to tell/ From 100 black bibles while we send em all to hell/ I need a 100 black coffins.”

Watch the entertaining interview and his impromptu piano performance below.