Justin Bieber Sings About His Breakup on “Nothing Like Us”


Justin Bieber’s finally letting it all out.

Although last year was a stellar year for the pint-sized pop star musically, the tail-end of 2012 was marked by heartbreak. Now, Justin’s finally opening up about his breakup with starlet Selena Gomez to the tune of soft pianos on “Nothing Like Us.” You can tell the split took a toll on him:

“Nothing can ever, ever replace you/Nothing can make me feel like you do
You know theres no one I can relate to/I know we won’t find a love that’s so true
There’s nothing like us, nothing like you and me together…”

The emotional track is one of three new songs on his album Believe Acoustic, which drops tomorrow (Jan. 29). Listen to the Billboard exclusive here and read a snippet of the accompanying cover story.