Justin Timberlake to Release New Song With Jay-Z and Timbaland?

The fans have been demanding it for years. Women have begged him for it from all parts of the world. Well, today will finally mark Justin Timberlake’s anticipated return to music. Industry insiders, along with a tweet from JT, have all signs pointing to a new song from the 30-year-old singer today at 12 p.m. EST. Sources say the song was produced by Timbaland and features a guest verse from Jay-Z. While Timberlake’s camp have not officially confirmed the release, producer, Carl Paul, sent some clues on Twitter that since have been deleted. “When I get back to the States, I’m going to be helping out on Shock Value 3 with Timbaland and the Justin Timberlake project,” he said. “It’s still in the early stages, but they have a lot of tracks. While I’ve been over here in the UK they’ve been working, so by the time I get back they’ll have a whole load of ideas and I’m going to have to catch up! He has some crazy, crazy stuff.” Will the track feature Beyonce as well?