Kaepernick Food Offer: QB Gets Red Robin For Life!

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is playing on football’s biggest stage on Sunday, but there’s some extra incentive for a win – a Colin Kaepernick food offer.

Kaepernick’s food offer came after an interview last week, wherein the QB sensation mentioned his favorite restaurant is Red Robin. The chain took notice, and has made Kaepernick a food offer – if he wins the big game on Sunday, he gets free Red Robin for life!

The restaurant made the Kaepernick food offer in the San Francisco Chronicle on Thursday, wherein CEO Steve Carley wrote that if Kaepernick wins the Super Bowl, he’ll get free food for life at Red Robin and all San Francisco diners will get 2-for-1 burgers.

The Kaepernick food offer ended with this: “No matter the outcome of Sunday’s game, you’ll always occupy the position at Red Robin as one of our most valued patrons. We wish you and your team all the luck in the world, and as one of YOUR biggest fans, we hope you’ll consider our offer.”

A Kaepernick food offer is a smart PR move for a savvy company. Guess Kaep will be playing extra hard on Sunday! Now, check out the model chick that Kaepernick has been dating – being an NFL star has all kinds of perks!