Kat Dahlia Talks Musical Beginnings and Working With Sylvia Rhone


Kat Dahlia turns her misfortunes into lyrical muses.
The Miami-bred songstress tells VIBE how she moved to New York on a whim and got tangled up in an unhealthy relationship that turned into “writer’s gold.” Even her debut single “Gangsta” chronicles her struggle in trying to make ends meet and provide a better living for her family. Still, the inspiration to be original never leaves.
“I’m always trying to create because I feel like music is constant change,” the 21-year-old says. “You’re always trying to create something forward, something new…something that sounds good and once you’ve found that, you’ve nailed it.
Watch Kat discuss her musical beginnings and how music industry exec Sylvia Rhone plays a big role in her life.