Kate Middleton’s Nose Most Wanted

How far would you go to look like the person you admire?

Just ask 21-year-old Jessica Blaier. She wanted Kate Middleton’s nose so badly that she took a photo of the Duchess’ face with her to a plastic surgeon and literally copied her look.

She reportedly paid 12,000 pounds for the surgery, but it was worth every penny. She told Good Morning America, “Every time [she] smiled, I was like ‘Wow! I want my nose to be like that.”

Blaier spoke about having insecurities about the shape of her nose but she’s not the only one running out to get Kate’s nostrils. One British cosmetic company says there has been an increase in women seeking to get a similar shaped nose because “it has a strong, defined tip, a gentle, feminine swoop on the bridge and a great front-to-back projection.”

Well, alright then.