Kobe Bryant Dishes on “Django Unchained”

Seems like everyone loves Django Unchained – including future Hall of Fame basketball players.

ESPN sat down for an interview with Kobe Bryant, who dished some details about himself. He says that sometimes, when he can’t sleep, he’ll just duck out and see a movie – which he did recently in order to watch Quentin Tarantino’s newest flick.

He had glowing things to say about it:

“It was genius,” he said. “Absolutely incredible. Everything by Quentin Tarantino usually is, but this took it to another level. It’s the way he tells a story and the kind of characters he creates. It was crazy violent, but the story is so strong and that’s what you remember.”

He even busted out a Sam Jackson impression, and joked that if he grew his hair out again, he’d probably look like Jamie Foxx as Django. Read the interview for the rest of the details!