Think You Have Problems? Lady Gaga Rips Versace During Wardrobe Malfunction

From her head-scratching fashion sense to outrageous red carpet looks, Lady GaGa knows how to get attention. As we watch her flaunt an array of Kermit the frog puppets hanging from her body and fire spitting bra performances, we continue to wonder what the pop star will do next.

But, while on tour last Friday, the singer exposed more than she bargained for. During her performance of “Heavy Metal Lover”, Gaga hopped on a motorcycle causing her Versace plastic leather pants to split down the middle of her backside exposing her rear end. The Pop singer played it cool and then pulled apart the ripped material to joke with her fans at the sold out performance.

As usual, Lady G is always doing the most. -Megan Guard

What do you think Vixens? What would you have done if you were Gaga?

Photo Credit: NY Daily News