Lance Armstrong Sued Over Book


Lance Armstrong came clean last week on Oprah about his PED past, but he may have gotten himself in more trouble.

Now, Lance Armstrong is being sued by SCA Promotions, a company which paid him performance bonuses tied to his cycling victories. The lawsuit seeks $12 million in damages, and probably won’t be the first time we see Lance Armstrong sued in the aftermath of his admissions.

SCA claims fraud, and in a statement said that while they are happy that Armstrong came clean, they will still seek damages.

“While SCA is pleased that Mr Armstrong has finally come clean about his use of performance-enhancing drugs and shown the world that SCA was right all along, the fact remains that SCA suffered substantial damage as a result of Mr Armstrong misleading the world about his use of banned substances.”

This is a reversal for the company – Lance Armstrong sued SCA in 2004 after they withheld payments based on steroid suspicions, and the rider won a $7.5 million settlement. The tables have now turned.

Despite coming clean, we’ll see Lance Armstrong sued many more times – he’s an open target having defended himself so vigorously for years. Two readers of his book, “It’s Not About The Bike,” also sued Armstrong this week, on behalf of other readers. It’s not likely they’ll win, but it still spells trouble for the embattled athlete.