LHH Recap: Rich & Erica Fight (Again), Joe Budden Takes a Drug Test

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Erica and Olivia kicked off last night’s episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ by fighting over their mutual manager Rich Dollaz. “I’m not fucking with that bitch,” says Olivia. Personally and professionally, these two are not going to ever get along. After her sit down with Erica, Olivia meets up with Rich and lets him know again that she won’t work with his smash buddy/client. Rich tries to defend Erica as someone whose mouth goes running because “She don’t know no better.” Rich then tells Olivia that her professional reputation ain’t that squeaky clean in the industry either and it’s his job as a manager/friend to see past that.

Family issues also took center stage. Jen and Consequence grapple as they try to balance a household with two different religions. Although the two have agreed to raise their son as a Muslim, Jen wants to ensure that her Christian traditions are not lost. The two visit Cons’ religious leader who tells them to learn to compromise and get married. Jen leaves the sit down optimistic but it’s yet to be determined how they’ll work it out.

Yandy and Mendeecees have their own family challenges and go through an excruciating wait after finding out that their son needs surgery. The operation is successful and Mendy’s support during the whole situation shows Yandy that he very well might be the one for her. *Cue tears* He brings up the topic of having more kids, but Yandy ain’t having it right now. She wants a wedding and a house before they add to their family. Get your ring, Yandy!

Joe Budden and his ex Tahiry continue to get close. Tahiry promises to stay by Joe’s side and asks him to seek therapy for his drug abuse. Joe claims that he’s handling things and doesn’t need help. Although things are calm between the former flames, Tahiry and Joe’s former bff Raqi Thunda are anything but cool. The women run into each other at a NYC nightclub and the claws come out. “She’s made a reputation giving it up to every producer, rapper and junior A&R rep in the business,” Rashidah says about Raqi. “I’m not looking for trouble but if she starts, I’ll finish it,” says Tahiry who isn’t over her hatred for Raqi either. “The women all basically call each other hoes and start yelling. Raqi then storms off. More drama from these three for sure this season.

Tahiry eventually sees Joe again and forces him to take a home drug test. Somehow, Joe passes the test and proves that he’s completely clean. Tahiry is floored. “I couldn’t believe it…It actually did not occur to me that I could trust what Joe Budden said. He didn’t lie to me.”

The episode ends with Rich and Erica fighting (again). Erica’s big fat mouth has forced a producer to back out of wanting to work with her. “Erica’s always getting in her own way,” says Rich. “Enjoy your day. As a matter of fact, enjoy your career!” Rich tells his diva client. Erica hops into a car and drives off. Is this the end of Rich and Erica? Tune in next week to find out.