Live From Marquee NY: Chuckie on Alcohol and Gettin’ Naked


“Marquee has developed a really strong brand, built on quality and going the extra mile to make the whole clubbing experience as good as it can possibly be,” Clyde Sergio Narain (better known as Chuckie) tells VIBE on Thursday (Jan 24) before his explosive gig at the newly re-opened über club in NYC. It’s been months since we caught up with Chuckie at October’s Amsterdam Dance Event as he prepped to take the world by sonic storm with his high-octane party, Dirty Dutch Exodus. “I’m gonna bring the Chuckie vibe and rock the place as hard as I can,” he adds.

Rock it he did. Chuckie made the walls (and boo-tays) shake at 120 BPMs well into the late hours at Marquee—way passed this writer’s bedtime, as the evening unfolded into a cluster of (well-dressed) dance maniacs.

What’s the ‘Chuckie vibe’? Find out here, in our winter issue of VIBE.

VIBE: How does it feel to be one of the first DJs chosen to spin within a week of Marquee’s re-opening?
CHUCKIE: I feel privileged and honored to be playing during the first week. It will be loads of fun to settle into this new environment and get the party started in a new and exciting space. I feel very strongly connected to Marquee and it is a real pleasure to be involved in an event like this.

Tell us about the craziest evening you’ve ever had at the Marquee outpost in Las Vegas?
I’ve had so many crazy nights when I’ve played there. Vegas is an amazing city to party in already, one of the best in the world in fact. But then there’s this killer club, with top quality production and great sound. The crowd that comes to Marquee is always really up for anything. These elements combine, making the events there so explosive. It’s hard to pick out the craziest one, but there was one night in 2011 when things just went off the chain. Man, I thought people were gonna get arrested!

Are there any Dirty Dutch surprises we can look forward to this year?
Things are getting bigger and better than ever before for Dirty Dutch. We don’t want to say too much at this stage, but we have loads planned for the coming year. There will be big-scale events and plenty of new music, from both people you already know and some seriously hot talent that is just starting to come through.

What about the upcoming festival season?
Sunshine, good vibes, beats, hooks, party atmospheres, alcohol, nakedness, strobe lights and a lot of fresh new tunes… man I can’t wait!