Love & Hip Hop Episode 1 Recap: Joe Budden and Tahiry Reunite, Raqi Gets Booted

In the first episode of Love & Hip Hop, “The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth,” rapper Joe Budden struggles to make amends with his ex-girl of five years, urban vixen/model/waitress Tahiry. “He wasn’t handling his business five years in…I was heartbroken when I walked out,” says Tahiry. Joe, who admits he’s way too open with his relationships, says that he misses her friendship and that their story is still being written. The two sit down (after Tahiry gives Joey and the audience a full 360-view of her ample assets) to talk about their relationship. “I need me and you to be in a better place,” says Joe in a hilariously seductive voice. Mind you, Joe has a new girlfriend but we’ll get to that later. “I’ve kept it moving,” says Tahiry to which the rapper says that she’s jealous. Tahiry gets pissed off and starts bucking. “How fucking dare you?!” she screams. She then pushes the table and the first drink of the night is thrown.

Adding to the drama, we meet Joe’s homegirl, Raqi Thunda (a radio personality who refers to herself as a “Hip-Hop Confidante.” What that’s a euphemism for we don’t even want to know…). Rumor on the streets is that Raqi and Joe Budden have smashed. Raqi seems shocked that Tahiry isn’t feeling her and their friendship is non-existent. Yeah; three’s a crowd.

Yandy Smith has moved on after her falling out with Jim Jones last season. She reveals that she and her longtime man, Mandeecees, are pregnant and by episode end, their son is born. Mandeecees seems committed enough to Yandy but he may not be ready just yet to give up his party boy ways and settle into the family life Yandy wants.

Erica Mena returns and shows off her new modeling gig for ‘Maxim.’ Her new manager and love interest Rich Dollaz is working on a new single (Yes, homegirl is still trying to sing). Rich conveniently fails to tell his bff/other client Olivia about any of this. When Olivia finds out, she demands a sit down with the three of them to discuss this new smash buddy/working situation. We’ve seen Olivia be territorial in seasons past, so this ain’t ending well kiddos.

Tired of the bickering over him, Joe finally invites Tahiry and Raqi to sit down at his pool party and discuss their dislike for one another. Joe’s real current girl Kaylin is also invited but apparently not permitted to talk. Joe suggests that Tahiry and Raqi play a game called Truth Or Truth so as to clear the air. Tahiry pointedly asks Joe if he and Raqi have ever been together and he denies it. Instead of leaving it at that, Tahiry and the “Hip-Hop Confidante” start yelling and each other and Tahiry throws a drink (Someone keep this woman away from drinks.) A full-on fight breaks out and Joe has to make a decision. Does he throw out one of the great loves of his life or his supposed platonic homegirl? Yep. Joe kicks Raqi out. Ouch!