‘Love & Hop Hop 3′ Recap: According to Erica Mena

Erica, Rich Dollaz and Olivia

VV: What influenced you to get the “R” tattoo?
EM: The tattoo is really not so much of a “Rich” tattoo. I’ve had a crazy, rough last two years. I’ve been working in the game for 10 years, and whether people wanna give me props or not, I’m 25 and I’ve got a pretty great story to tell. I got the music note in the shape of an “R” in red ink to represent the rest of my life. I’m in a great place right now.

Why were you so frustrated by Rich’s attitude at the table with you and Olivia?
I think I had every reason to be. What’s wrong with just saying, “Yes. I’m seeing Erica?”

Did you appreciate Olivia calling the “meeting” between the three of you?
It didn’t matter to me. Clearly she had nothing else better to do. I don’t have anything to hide. No big deal for me.

Rumors are swirling about an, which, at this point, we know is not true. Are you looking forward to something official or long term with Rich?
I’m honestly just enjoying my life right now. I know what’s the real deal; I’m what’s official [laughs]!

Are you and Olivia on better terms currently?
I pay no mind to her honestly. No one does.