M.I.A. to Release New Album in April


From VIBE–Miss Paper Planes will be flying back onto the radar with a new project.

Singer M.I.A. revealed in an interview with Australia’s Gold Coast Bulletin that she will be releasing her long-awaited fourth album Matangi this spring.

“It’s due in April, which is the Tamil new year – April 15th – and I’m still working on it,” she said about her upcoming LP, whose album title refers to her name, Mathangi, the Hindu goddess of wisdom

M.I.A. blamed the delay on her label who said her sound was “too positive.” She recalls being told to ‘darken’ up her work, “It’s like ‘We just built you up as the public enemy No. 1 and now you’re coming out with all this positive stuff.’

“I’m taking my time to decide what they mean,” she adds.

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