Madonna’s Home On The Market For $22.5 Million!

Want to live like Madonna? The Material Girl is moving out, and her Beverley Hills abode is available – for a price. $22.5 million dollars, to be exact.

Madonna purchased the home in 2003 for a reported $13.9 million, so she stands to make a tidy profit if she can get her price. Of course, for $22.5 million, it’s not exactly a steal!

The mansion is a massive 17,000 square feet, with nine bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, in case you run out of toilet paper in one of them. According to, the home comes with a resort sized pool, gym, a tennis court, TWO guest houses (in case all nine bedrooms are full), and a screening room/home theater, which hopefully doesn’t play Madonna’s movies on a continuous loop.

With all those amenities, it seems like a bargain at $22.5 mill, although it begs the question: why is Madonna moving in the first place? Could it be haunted? Or does she really need a place with that elusive 16th bathroom?