Manti Te’o’s Fake GF May Have Tricked Others, Says ‘Catfish’ Director

The bizarre story of Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te’o & his fake girlfriend “Lennay Kekua” has taken the Internet by storm, but now new reports are suggesting she may have hoaxed others.

According to ABC News, Catfish movie director and actor Ariel Schulman told Good Morning America that he believes there may have been other people tricked by “Lennay’s” fake persona. Schulman said of Manti’s situation, “I stand by the guy. My heart goes out to him. He had his heart broken. He was grieving for someone, whether she existed or not. Those were real feelings.”

Here’s more details on the whole ordeal:

“The woman whose photo was used as the face of Lennay Kekua, “Inside Edition” has identified her as Diane O’Meara who is very much alive.

According to Notre Dame’s timeline of events, Te’o learned his girlfriend didn’t exist on Dec. 6.

But in a Dec. 8 interview with South Bend, Ind., TV station WSBT, Te’o said, “I really got hit with cancer. I lost both my grandparents an my girlfriend to cancer.” And on Dec. 11, he talked about his girlfriend in a newspaper interview.

Skeptics have also cited comments by Te’o’s father Brian Te’o who told a newspaper how Kekua used to visit his son in Hawaii.”

See the full report in the video below: