McDonald’s Introduces Fish McBites and Eco-Friendly Pollack


Although fast food and seafood don’t always go together, McDonald’s has seen much success with its Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

Kanye even dropped a fishy line about the deep fried item on the Watch The Throne hit, “N*ggas In Paris.” Now, the fast food chain plans to introduce another treat from the ocean with the “Fish McBites.”
Select chains across the country will see the bite sized fish nuggets for a limited time in February.

McDonald’s also recently made an announcement announcing that it would upgrading all their fish products with Alaskan Pollack sustainably fished in the wild.

LA Times Reports:
McDonald’s has signed up with the Marine Stewardship Council to verify all of its fish that gets breaded, fried and sold as “Filet-O-Fish” sandwiches are sustainably certified Alaskan pollock. In exchange for audits of its massive supply chain, McDonald’s each year can sell hundreds of millions of fish sandwiches, and soon-to-be sold Fish McBites, in boxes with the council’s trademarked blue Eco-label.

“It’s exciting for us,” said Susan Forsell, McDonald’s vice president of sustainability for the U.S market. Not only does this certify all its fish sandwiches are from one of the best-managed U.S. fisheries, it’s a chance for McDonald’s 790,000 U.S.-based employees to talk about the fast-food chain’s efforts to source its products in a sustainable way, she said.