Meagan Good Talks Role On ‘Deception,’ Love Triangles & ‘Scandal’

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With her NBC series Deception premiering tonight (Jan. 7), actress Meagan Good breaks down the new role, Talks Doing Her Own Stunts, Love Triangles, camaraderie among black women in hollywood And Being Hooked On Scandal

VIBE: You play a detective on Deception. What’s your character’s background story?

Meagan Good: I play Joanna Locasto. I’m undercover, and the premise of this show is following this young woman that was raised in this really rich family that’s sort of like the Hiltons. My mother was their live-in nanny and I grew up in their house from ages four to 17. They had a daughter whose name is Vivian, who was my best friend in the world. When I was 17, we had this odd falling out, my mother and I moved to San Francisco, and I grew up to be a San Francisco police officer and she grew up to be a socialite. The show opens up with me being recruited by a former flame of mine played by Laz Alonso, who joined the FBI. Vivian has been murdered and they want me to go undercover as Joanna.

So your character’s family grew up in the socialite world?

Yeah, the show has a little of everything. You know she’s a cop/detective but lives in the world of her being undercover in this family—this very fabulous family who’s very rich and always in the tabloids and the media. And I kind of get swept into that world as I’m trying to do my job. I’m always straddling the fence between my job as a detective, my responsibility as a friend to solve this murder, and my love for the family because they’re the only family I’ve ever really had.

Playing a detective, you must do a lot of physical activity on camera.

Yeah, there’s definitely the cop part of it, which is what really drew me into the script. I really wanted to get out of the box of all the characters I had been playing before. I wanted to do some tough stuff, some dirty work, some action. I wanted to be physical and do my own stunts. So I’ve been able to do that with this show. I beat up a lot of guys, and beat up people when it’s necessary to get the truth. She’s extremely tough but she’s vulnerable and a real person, but it’s no holds bar for her.

What was the hardest thing about the stunt training?

On the pilot, I actually hurt my back. A lot of the stunts that were going on, I was traveling back and forth, so once I got back home and we were waiting to see if we got picked up, I was in the gym training everyday, doing back strengthening, working out with my trainer Augustina, really going hard in the paint and it really has made a tremendous difference in my body and my endurance and just being able to keep up.

Do you get pretty bruised up?