Mimi Faust Sets the Record Straight About Stevie J’s Child Custody Claims and Debuts New Beau


Mimi Faust is done tussling with the antics of former man and TV show counterpart Stevie J. The “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reality star stopped by Egypt on V103 Atlanta to clear the air about some messy rumors going around concerning the father of her children. Here’s a bit of the conversation:

Mimi: This is what happened. His dad as in town. Eva has not seen her grandfather since she was maybe 18 months. I went over, dropped the baby off so she could spend time w her grandfather and that’s the gist of his having custody.
Egypt: Okay, so ya’ll never went to court?
Mimi: Never went to court ever.
Egypt: But he started calling you a lot of names you said when you went to drop her off. Why was this?
Mimi: I didn’t want to come in. He invited me in and I said why would I do that?
Egypt: You’ve been pulling back from that relationship.
Mimi: Completely. There is no relationship there. I try to co-parent. I’m not sure what he’s doing or trying to do. Obviously you see what he’s trying to do: messy, drama, lying still. Constant. It never stops.

Yikes. But on the up side, there’s a new man in Mimi’s life (who has an uncanny resemblance to Steebie). His name is Nikko. The two met some years ago and have reconnected on a more intimate level.

Egypt: So Nikko what do you like so much about Mimi?
Nikko: Man, she’s the one, look at her.
Egypt: The ONE?? Like put a ring on it the one?
Nikko: She’s the one.
Egypt: When a man says that they usually mean it. They usually know we’re the one before we know that they’re the one.
Mimi: Right.
Egypt: You’re glowing!
Nikko: I mean that glow is for a reason.
Mimi: I’m happy.

Click here to listen to the rest of the interview. Shout out to V103 ATLANTA & Egyptsaidso.com for the scoop.