Montana Family Masterminds $70 Million Phone Charge Scam

A family that schemes together—well, theres no slogan for those, but you still need to watch out for them.

The Christian Post reports that a family from Montana duped thousands out of their money in a $70 million phone charge scheme.

According to reports, the family of thieves—Steven Sann, his wife Terry, son Nathan, and accountant Robert Braach—ran a plan to charge customers extra phone charges they had not signed up for. Together, they created nine companies to form an intricate web of businesses that combined to conduct a “cramming” scheme.

The Federal Trade Commission believes that thousands of customers were charged who had not ordered their services. Sanns reportedly had more than 100,000 voicemail accounts with customers, but that only a dozen of them actually even used the service at all.

As much as $40 million has reportedly already been returned to complaining customers for the unauthorized phone charges.