MSG Tickets Sellout But Armin Van Buuren Loves Small Gigs

Tickets went on sale today for Dutch producer/DJ Armin van Buuren’s “State of Trance” tour stop at New York City’s Madison Garden, and within an hour they were sold out. It’s true folks. Tickets for the public are now all gone, but did you expect when DJ Mag’s #1 DJ for 2012 (and 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) decides to perform in one of the country’s most iconic performance venues. But don’t slit your wrists just yet, cause the entire show will be broadcast live via and numerous global radio stations, reaching over 20 million listeners worldwide.

Van Buuren recently told VIBE, that in fact: “Smaller gigs are something that I really enjoy. I don’t wanna eat steak everyday so I’m also very lucky to be playing in New York really soon at a big venue. He wasn’t lying about that part.

“I’m gonna be back in New York really soon, and its gonna be more affordable I think and Its gonna be more of a big room show and I was really happy about that. I think that as a DJ, I just really enjoy playing smaller rooms as well.”

Tickets started at $40 and sold out in one day. Gone is the word: “affordable.”

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