Shameless: Nearly Nude Female Driver Arrested for DWI


This past weekend a highly intoxicated New York woman racked up numerous charges after crashing her car while driving drunk.

Catherine Giaquinto, 36, drove her vehicle into a wall, but that wasn’t the only factor in this hit and run. After she tried to drive off, police pulled her over to discover the woman was wearing only an unzipped jacket. She was nude otherwise.

The drunken driver allegedly told police that she didn’t know what was going on when she was apprehended. Thank God, no one was hurt by this reckless woman.

According to the Seattle Times:

A township officer stopped the car just minutes after the crash. The driver, 36-year-old Catherine Giaquinto, of Warwick, allegedly told police she couldn’t remember the accident or where she was going.

After noticing some clothes in her car, officers asked Giaquinto to get dressed, which she did after several minutes.

It’s not known if Giaquinto has retained a lawyer. A phone number for her could not be located Monday.

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