New Artist: Tish Hyman “Killing Me Softly” [Cover]

Bronx, New York, is the birthplace of Hip-Hop and the beginning of its glorious culture. When the product of that area is Tish Hyman, you realize how much a person can be a product of their environment. The singer/rapper/songwriter is well on her way to stardom with vocals that inspires and enslaves you with her loving energy. Currently signed to Universal Music Publishing, Tish has an epic project in the works with songs that grab the soul and usher it to a mirror for self-reflection. Basically she creates medicine music for those that need it and others that didn’t realize that they needed it.

Check her as she slays this cover of The Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly” hit from the historic The Score album. Close your eyes while listening to the song and tell us if you hear Lauryn Hill as well. The following video is Tish’s EPK which gives you more background on her steady come up in the music industry and life while on the grind.

Be sure to be on the look out for Tish Hyman, as she can only blow up more from her talent and skill.

“Killing Me Softly”

Tish Hyman EPK