New Music: Angel Haze Fires at Azealia Banks on New Diss Track

After exchanging disses on Twitter today, Angel Haze has released a new track aimed at her old pal, Azealia Banks. “On The Edge” finds Haze firing off through her lyrics and with a dose of her own sh*t talking.

Listen to the track below!

“I was the first person to hear “Succombi” or whatever the fuck you call that weak ass diss to Jim Jones”
“Remember when had he had bitches up in your hood looking for dirt on you”
“Or the time you were in the studio with Missy Elliot and she was scared to be in the studio with you”

“What the f*ck you gonna do with this Diplo flow/ diss you on your own shit/ you should dip low h*e”
“You be f*ckin n*ggas on they oxygen tank/shit, I be making moves plottin my fate”