New Videos: Hit-Boy, Troy Ave, Shareefa, Dillon Cooper & Jimmy Kelso

New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Hit-Boy – “Brake Lights”

Featuring less of yourself and more pretty girls in cars is actually not a bad music video formula. Hit-Boy gets it.

2. Troy Ave – “Blanco”

Troy brings out the team & the toolie in this video. You won’t catch us saying anything bad about this—at least while he’s holding that in his hand.

3. Shareefa – “Should I Stay”

Two years sure is a long ass stretch in between single and video. Putting that fact aside, Shareefa’s looking as good as we remember.

4. Dillon Cooper – “Survival of the Fittest”

Great music sample. Great setting. Great kick game—shoutout to those Aqua 8s.

5. Jimmy Kelso (feat. Lute) – “Remy Lebeau”