New Year’s Resolution for EDM Artists


When listening to our favorite dance music tracks, producers sometimes focus more on the beats rather than the lyrics, but the Director for Artist Promotions at TuneCore wants that to change this year. Chris Mooney has given his own set of New Year’s resolution to EDM and hip-hop artists:

“Important for both of these genres is to get out of the studio to improve your songwriting. Public performances often can provide the best editorial suggestions with the way crowds react to your music, lyrics, beats, drops, etc. What a stranger says to you after a show is going to focus you as a writer on what connects with crowds.

EDM is a huge live market now with worldwide, regional and local festivals popping up. The only way to eventually be part of these events is to start playing live – everyone starts somewhere.”

Mooney’s suggestions stem from the Educated Song Writer’s Cliff Goldmacher original post, “Four New Year’s Resolutions for Songwriters,” which can be found on his website at Through Cliff’s blog, the songwriter, producer, session musician, engineer, author and owner of recording studios in Nashville, TN and Sonoma, CA provides resources for the aspiring songwriter, including a brand new HD video series.