Nicki Minaj: A.1. Steak Sauce Vows Rap Diva Will Never Go ‘Sauceless’ Again

Paparazzi snapped photos of Nicki Minaj enjoying a delicious meal with a pal at chic L.A. steakhouse Boa last week.

All was calm on the prime beef front until the “Starships” singer asked for a bottle of A.1. sauce. Such a demand at any upscale steakhouse woud be considered an insult to the chef, but, alas, they catered to the hip-hop diva with someone going out to fetch her a bottle so she could eat her steak just how she likes it.

A.1. has responded to Nicki Minaj’s diva demands themselves. According to TMZ the condiment company was ecstatic over their new found fan. Since the A.1. incident made headlines, Minaj has reportedly been showered with bottles of the stuff because the folks over at A.1. are huge fans.

“We’re so glad to hear that Nicki Minaj loves our sauce just as much as we love her and her music,” a rep from A.1. said. “To make sure she’s never ‘sauceless’ again, we sent Nicki some of our A.1. Original Steak Sauce. Now she’ll have A.1. wherever she goes.”

Sounds like a match made in char-broiled heaven!