Office-Complex Shooting Erupts in Phoenix


A violent attack has been reported at a Phoenix office complex.

Gunfire has been reported to have injured at least five people, with three being shot. The shooting took place earlier this morning and police are now saying it was not a random attack.

According to USA Today:

One is in extremely critical condition, according to The Associated Press. People inside the building said the incident appeared to be over, but officers were sweeping the building.

At about 10:30 a.m. MST, one man walked into a building in the 7310 block of 16th Street, near Glendale Avenue and shot several people, said Tommy Thompson of the Phoenix Police Department. Police say the shooter is not in custody.

Officers believe one suspect is responsible for the shooting, Thompson said. The motive for the shooting is unclear, and the total number of victims is unknown.

“At this point we don’t believe he is in the area,” Thompson said. “This doesn’t appear to be a random type of incident.”

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