Oh No! Is Your Man Tongue Tied?

breakfast in bedExcerpt from Jewels of Time:

“You like that?”

Cade’s voice was slurred and muffled but miserably understood. Devon was not in the mood to deal with this again. She laid there in her black lace bra and wished she could time travel to an exotic island and somewhere far away from Cade’s mouth. They had been dating for months and sexual intercourse had only been a part of their relationship for the past two weeks. It was new to them both and they enjoyed the experience, except for when Cade bravely decided to go “down.” The first few times he tried, Dev just laid there and endured the torture: the excessive saliva, the pulling, tugging, and the insanity she felt every time he went directly around the spot he was suppose to lock in on.

Dev really had a thing for Cade. They shared a lot of the same interests, and even though it took him two months to get her attention, when he did, she realized immediately how amazing he is. His good looks, college education and thriving motivation are only a few of the things that turned her on. He was by far the most sincere, humorous, and charming man she had met in all of her short twenty-two years. He had just about everything going for him, except only one flaw: Cade needed some serious help in the oral pleasure department. Devon had made up her mind and tonight was the night she would become his love teacher.

“Babe, slow down, just take your time,” Devon blurted, now slightly aggravated.

“What do you mean, Dev? I thought you liked it this way,” he responded.

“This is the spot that counts the most, baby. Pay attention to how I move your finger and then imitate it with your tongue. I’ll tell you when to suck it hard and when to lick it slow, but for now just tease it this way, the way I’m moving your finger. I’ll walk you through this.” Cade pulled his face up and came eye to eye with Devon. She took one deep breath and grabbed his hand, placing it directly on her clitoris. She figured the only way she could get him to do it the way she wanted was to actually demonstrate the act, so she began her one-on-one course in cunnilingus.

Devon was determined not to give up on her man. She wanted him to know her body better than she did herself. She slowly pulled his hand back up and made a V-shape with his middle and index finger. She started to lick the thin fold of skin between the two fingers. “Sometimes I like it hard like this and other times I just want you to play with it like this.” Cade’s eyes widened and he smiled with a touch of embarrassment.

At first Cade was in shock. His ego was a bit bruised but when he heard how Devon was reacting to his new tongue dances, he became very proud of himself. He was beginning to understand the art of the act. He felt her sensitivity, her peaks and her flow. Her body started to move in a way he had never felt before. Cade was more turned on than he ever was before. He couldn’t believe his newfound power. It took no time at all before Cade became a pro…”

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