Oh No! Is Your Man Tongue Tied?

Vixens, it is possible! If you’re not reaching your potential climax due to his poor performance, don’t bash him about it. Fact is, no guy automatically knows how to give great oral. It takes time, experimentation, and some good guidance from a patient woman to learn how to be a southern pleaser. You may have found the captain of your sea if you only communicate what motions will rock your boat.

Oh, and don’t forget, if he does a good job, don’t be selfish. Take the wheel. It’s your turn to please. Don’t be afraid to return the favor. And if you are, I suppose we will talk about that in the next Jewel.

Bravely Yours and wishing you a fabulous 2013,



Mashonda is an New York-based writer/songwriter who has studied memoir and fiction writing and has had the experience of critiquing her style in writers workshops abroad. She is inspired by the cultures of the world and her own life experiences. 

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