Oxygen Cancels ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’

Oxygen reportedly cut the chord on Shawty Lo’s ratchet fest All My Babies’ Mamas before it even hit the small screens. The series stars him, his 10 baby mothers, 11 children, his 19-year-old girlfriend and the extremely complicated web they weave. But it hasn’t been funny business for everyone.

Sarah Lamb began a petition boycotting the series, quickly gaining over 37, 000 signatures. Many Oxygen viewers were offended by the show’s content, saying that it was degrading and stereotypical of families.

Oxygen Channel intended to continue developing the show despite protest but the overwhelming response resulted in declining viewership. The show was meant to be a one-hour special, though the network never issued an official contract and was considering other families.

Lo responded to the controversy when he stopped by Hot 107.9 in Atlanta. “I really understand [the outrage]. They have the right to think that but at least give the show a chance to see what’s going on. They making an assumption off a 13-minute trailer,” he said. “You know, I’m working hard for the show, for it to air because people do want to see it. My kids are disappointed right now. But my show is not about no negative. It’s a positive.”

Even conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh seemed to co-sign the G-Unit signee. “We were going to expand the definition of a family to include whatever people wanted it to be. Shawty just sharing the love. Shawty just sharing all of his love with 10 women and 11 babies. It was a show of love and devotion, how Shawty provides for all, and it’s being ripped right out from under him. I mean, who says that this is a marginalized existence?”

Guess the show won’t go on.