Pardon the Introduction: DJ Nexus’ VIBE Inspired Record

19 year-old Myles Shear a.k.a. Nexus is the youngblood producer from Miami whom we’ve pegged to produce an EDM track just for VIBE. “I truly enjoy producing all sounds as long as I include my melodic taste to it. The piano is one of the most important textures of my sound,” says the thoughtful Nexus, adding, “I am trying to do something different and not just fit in the EDM scene rather make an impact on something even bigger than “Electronic Dance Music.” Lay your ear to the record titled, “Supernova” then learn more about the latest dance music wunderkind below.

VIBE: What inspired this track?
Nexus: The main thing that got me really going on this track was the fact that it was going to be an exclusive with VIBE. This is a magazine I have always dreamed of working with one day, so things really just came together once I sat down and produced it. Also, listening to Dillon Franics’ “Bootleg Fireworks” and “Coyote Kisses” the Seven lions cover really helped me take this track where I wanted it to go.

How did you go about composing it?
The first step I took was writing a four-chord progression. I wanted to create a contrast between a melodic and grimy vibe. Everyone enjoys a hook and a taste of some bass—so I why not put it together?

What artists influence/inspire you?
One of the main reasons why I started producing was because of Aphex Twin. I loved the fact that he was so versatile and really stood out in the scene, with his IDM [Intelligent Dance Music]. Another artist that inspires me is Dillon Francis. His melodies and bass, has given me a direction with my own music. Last but not least Coyote Kisses has also made a huge impact on my productions. Their unique melodies and runs have really helped me transform my way of writing music and creativity.