Pharrell Williams Files $5 Million Lawsuit Over Qream Liquor Deal

Producer/rapper Pharrell Williams has a $5 million bone to pick with marketing partner Diageo North America after allegedly screwing up his Q Qream Liquor deal.

Pharrell is filing the hefty damages against Diageo after they failed to produce and distribute his “Q Qream” alcoholic beverage, according to AllHipHop. Pharrell Williams PW Licensing LLC filed the suit last week in Manhattan federal court.

Skateboard P claims that Qream sales substantially dipped after it was marketed as a “club drink” and not the “high-end, leisure class” drink for women he envisioned. Diageo reportedly informed Skateboard P that the liquor deal would terminate, without warning, after two years. Faulty bottles were also cited in the suit.

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Photo Credit: Haute Living