“Playa del VIBE” BPM Festival 2013 Exclusive: Nicole Moudaber

VIBE’s been hooking you up every week with “Playa del VIBE,” a weekly countdown source to insider 411 from this year’s elite offering of electronic scions leading up to the storied Mexican music-a-thon. The BPM Festival 2013 officially kicks off today, Jan 4th, so, break out the Cervezas, enjoy the break, wait for for the breakdowns, dance to the breakbeats…

This Week on the Decks: Nicole Moudaber – Don’t miss your chance to win tickets to catch her in the city of your choice with our contest #VibeMoudaber.

VIBE: What can we expect from your performance at BPM Fest?
Nicole Moudaber: “The sh*t” is going to hit the fans.

Which act are you most looking forward to catching if you have time? Why?
Cassy & Coxy [Carl Cox] because they’re brilliant

BPM Festival means: (INSERT THREE WORDS)!
Bombs Per Minute!

Best reason you can think of for going to the BPM Festival 2013?
Hanging out with friends and DJs, and I miss the sun. It’s way too dark and gloomy here in London.

Tips to surviving all the parties for BPM Festival first timers?
Cerverzas the next day or a glass of champagne.

Latest or upcoming release we should pay attention to?

My New EP on [Carl Cox’s label] Intec called ‘ROAR.’ It’s been getting massive props from everyone as well as my remix of Alanis Morisette’s single from her new album entitled “Receive” – I managed to turn her into a techno throb.

January 4th Night
Victor Calderone, Nicole Moudaber, Michelangelo. (Upstairs) Julien Loreto, Mar-C @ La Santanera