Prodigy Signs Actor Rick Gonzalez To Infamous Records


Actor Rick Gonzalez may be known for his big-screen appearances alongside Tom Cruise (“War of the Worlds”) and Samuel L. Jackson (“Coach Carter”) but he’s about to let his voice be heard under his rap moniker Realm Reality.

According to MTV News, rapper Prodigy signed Reality to his Infamous Records label. “At Infamous, I’m looking for artists that, #1 have their own movement goin’, they got their thing goin’ already,” the Mobb Deep spitter said.

While making the transition from acting to spitting is no new phenomena (see Drake and Childish Gambino), Gonzalez has been honing his spit game since 1998, being heavily influenced by the culture since he was a kid in Brooklyn. His 2011 mixtape The Invisible Man paid homage to the streets he was raised in, ultimately gaining a cosign from Pee.

“The fact that Realm is also in Hollywood doing his thing with movies and all that, it only helps,” Prodigy said. “In this day in time you have to be multifaceted. You have to wear many hats.”