“Prosecuting Casey Anthony” To Premiere on Lifetime

Casey Anthony has hit the big time.

The young Florida mother was charged for allegedly murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee. Though her remains were found in the woods near her grandparents’ house in 2008, Casey pled not guilty throughout the tumultuous trial in 2011, only to be acquitted in July of that year. Now the case that has been called the biggest since that of O.J. Simpson will be the plot of a new Lifetime flick.

“Prosecuting Casey Anthony” is based on prosecutor Jeff Ashton’s book about the case and “reveals Ashton’s inside story of the true crime drama that captivated and then shocked the nation,” according to a press release from A&E Networks.

Meanwhile, Casey is terrified the TV drama will renew death threats. “She will not be looking forward to the TV movie coming out as it will just stir things up again,” a close family member told the Daily Mirror.

“I expect Casey and her family want to get on with their lives. The film will bring it all back again. It will not help.”

The film–which stars actress Virginia Welch (above) as Casey and Rob Lowe as Ashton–airs on Jan. 19 at 8 p.m. EST.

Via: Business Insider