10 Foot Python Found on Plane Wing During Flight


Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t on this plane but there was a real live Amethystine python hanging from its wing.

Passengers flying from Australia to Papua New Guinea couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted the mighty serpent hanging from the wing. According to reports, the Python was noticed by several passengers an hour into the Qantas flight between Cairns in northern Queensland and the Papua New Guinean capital of Port Moresby on Thursday.

“Halfway to Papua New Guinea passengers reported seeing a snake clinging to the wing,” a Qantas spokesman said of the snake, which is also known as a scrub python and can grow to as much as 8.5 metres (28 ft) long.

The plane made an emergency landing at a nearby airport to investigate the situation. Unfortunately, the wild animal was found dead after arrival. The beast was believed to have slithered on board from the scrubland or mangroves that surround the airport in tropical Cairns.

Eventually, the plane took off again after crew members determined there was no safety threat.

Photo via NY Post