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R & Beef: 5 Other Memorable Singer Fights

Last night’s brawl-for-it-all between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean set the Internet ablaze. But was it that serious? The two R&B crooners have had their fair share of arguments in the past — there are retweets to prove it. But in 2011, a cease-fire was called signifying a truce between the duo.

All those walls came tumbling down when both men and numerous randoms reportedly got into a brouhaha at Westlake Studios on Sunday evening. With TMZ already in the mix, no arrests or charges made and a brief recap straight from Frank Ocean’s Twitter mouth, 2013’s already looking ratchet.

There’s nothing cornier than “beef,” but R&Beef holds a special wack distinction. Singing subliminal barbs to other singers over things like who can hit the higher falsetto or who stole whose hairstyle is trivial. But with this latest infraction on everyone’s minds, we take a look back at 5 Other Memorable R&B Fights.

Enjoy the #struggle songs at your own risk.

— Kevin L. Clark (@DLYDJ)

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