Spotted: Real-Life ‘Jaws’ Off Hamptons!


It may not be beach season, but don’t tell this shark. Scientists have tracked a real-life ‘Jaws’ off The Hamptons this week, and it’s a monster movie waiting to happen!

Mary Lee is the name of the real-life Jaws off Hamptons, a 3,500 pound whopper of a Great White Shark that OCEARCH has been tracking via a global positioning device. Mary Lee came within 45 miles of Montauk Point Wednesday, bringing it fairly close to a spot that is popular with bathers – at least during the summer.

OCEARCH first tagged the real-life Jaws in September, and tracked it off the Hamptons this week after she completed a trip north from Florida. Plus unless someone is swimming in frigid waters nearly 50 miles away from the beach, there’s little chance they’ll run into the giant fish.

But still, a real-life Jaws off the Hamptons, home of the rich and famous? Who knows what celebs could have been starring in a Jaws remake without even knowing it!