Reviewed: John Digweed – Live In London


Live In London arrived late enough in 2012 to only just scrape into VIBE’s ‘Top 50 Electronic Music Albums of 2012’. The compilation was a live recording from the Bedrock Anniversary Party in London last October, which hosted an 8-hour set from none other than John Digweed himself, who just returned from the BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen. After a little time to properly soak up the sprawling four-disc set, which showcases nearly five hours, and more than 50 of the tracks heard across the duration of that night, VIBE can go a step to further endorse it as one of the best underground EDM releases in a long time.

Digweed’s, Live In London indulgently leads you through the entire journey of an immaculately-crafted extended set. Digweed graced the decks shortly after midnight on that chilly winter evening, warming up his set with a dose of deep melodic techno, and from here on the set evolves into some more inviting strains of house funk.

However, it’s a prelude for a dive back into some deeper sounds, indicating Digweed isn’t quite ready to smash it out yet. Things really toughen up with Subb-an’s punchy remix of VIBE’s DJs To Watch member, Tiga’s classic “Pleasure From The Bas”s, and from here we’re carried into the business end of the mix where things really get dark and dirty. Going forwad, it’s slamming techno energy right up to the epic conclusion.

The lasting impression left by Live In London is how much of a master craftsman John Digweed really is. The programming of the evening’s entertainment simply can’t be faulted; with a connoisseur’s ear for what makes for a good record, his versatility sees him constantly shifting the tempo, with every last track is used as a tool to paint a bigger picture.

Offering the indulgent gift of nearly five hours of immaculately underground EDM perfection, Live in London is the gift that keeps on giving. More than worthy of its placing in the ‘Top 50 Electronic Music Albums of 2012’, it’s also an essential release for VIBE readers keen to explore some deeper sounds.