RHOA Recap: Nene Heads Off to LA, Kenya Confronts Walter

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Nene shares that she has a granddaughter that she only recently found out about. The baby is all kinds of adorable and hopefully she’ll help Nene’s son get his act together. “I’m not a grandmother, honey. I’m a GLAMMOTHER!” says Nene. In other domestic bliss, Kandi, her daughter and Todd seem to be bonding in their new home.

This season’s crazy lady, Kenya, sits down with her aunt to talk about her recent relationship breakdown. Kenya’s aunt loves her some Walter but Kenya is not feeling the lack of engagement ring. She relays a TMI story about how she was in the shower in Anguilla and Walter did not try to smash her. That’s a visual we’d rather forget. Kenya’s aunt says that something is probably wrong and that Kenya should follow her intuition that the relationship is donezos. Kenya then does a photoshoot and Kandi brings her a bag of sex toys. “If Walter doesn’t want to get me off, I know how to get myself off,” says Kenya. Lemons to lemonade, girl. Porsha and Kandi go shopping for home decor. Porsha has no trouble spending her hubby’s money but Kandi makes it clear that she’s balling on a budget. Porsha reveals that her NFL player husband have not signed a pre-nup. What the what?! Who is his business manager?! Kandi, on the other hand, is not playing that Kobe Bryant game; she is going to make her future husband sign on the dotted line.

The gang then all get together at Cynthia’s house for Nene’s going away party as she sets off for LA to shoot The New Normal. Nene and Greg are beaming, acting all lovey dovey. Porsha and Kenya shoot side eyes at each other but they keep it civil. Kenya’s other half, Walter, is totally M.I.A. While the remaining husbands drink and talk, we find out that Peter used to live in LA and date Nia Long. What the what? The juiciest secrets all come out with Patron, don’t they?
Kenya then claims that every day people in Atlanta confuse her for being Beyonce. Ex-cuse-me? Kenya really should go into comedy with all the jokes she has. Porsha then jumps in and jokes that people confuse her for Solange.

Beyonce er, Kenya confronts Walter again about their failing relationship while fishing. “What is it? Are you angry with me?” she asks. Walter says his biggest issue is being pressured into marriage. Kenya relays the gross shower story once again and how she didn’t get smashed. “I gotta tell you when it’s time to do something?” asks Walter. Awk-ward. “Are you attracted to me?” asks Kenya. Walter keeps darting his eyes and fishing. “I’m not feeling something in this relationship…I’m feeling rushed,” says Walter. The circular conversation keeps going but both agree that something is broken in their relationship. “It’s not working,” says Kenya. “I feel disgusted that I gave this man any of my time at all…This is not the guy for me. I’m so done with Walter,” says Kenya. Drop the fishing pole and just leave him girl.