Rihanna and Azealia Banks Beef Brewing?


Last week, the blogs were all abuzz about Azealia Banks and Angel Haze’s Twitter catfight which spawned into a war of deragotory words between Banks and Perez Hilton. In lieu of the beef that has seemed to die down, Rihanna raised a few eyebrows when she liked a photo of the “212” rapstress sans her signature flowing mermaid locks and makeup. The tag under the @molestmerihanna-posted photo read, “[T]hem edges gone with the wind, them teeth about to break outta jail.”

The self-proclaimed bad girl frequently likes posts from this particular account so there’s no word on whether she’s just stirring the pot for laughs or gearing up for part three of this Azealia Banks versus the world tweefing saga. We’re staying tuned. -Jasmine Aspinall