Rihanna’s 10 Best Grammy Awards Photos


You already know that everyone is going to be talking about Rihanna on the Monday after the 2013 Grammy Awards, right? Besides the fact that there are rumors swirling around indicating that she might be performing with Chris Brown at the Grammys, she’s also no doubt going to turn a few heads on the red carpet—and on stage—with her outfits. She’s proved it time and time again in the past by looking her best on Grammy night.

Before she steps out on February 10, though, we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at some of her best Grammy looks from the last decade or so. So, we put together a collection of Rihanna’s 10 Best Grammy Awards Photos. If these shots are any indication, Rih-Rih is going to have everyone’s tongues wagging after the Grammys air on February 10. So, who wants to guess what she’s going to wear this year?