Rihanna’s Instagram Thank You Cards


This is one of the reasons why it would be awesome to be super famous like Rihanna. The Unapologetic singer shared several pictures of the dope swag she received from fashion designers for the holidays on her Instagram page. Notes thanking Rihanna for her continued support and wishing her all the best in 2013 accompanied a pair of red Manolo Blahnik heels (average price $695), a Marc Jacobs polo, Givenchy purse (about $2400) and other designer shoes. Any gal would be jealous.

Rihanna channeled the thank you e-card of the future by thanking the designers in the Instagram photo captions, using hashtags, at signs et al. While it’s no handwritten note, as Emily Post’s Etiquette book suggests goes out, it does get the thank you out quick and gives a little extra publicity to the designers gear as well. Check out the photos of the free swag below and drool.