Robert Griffin III AKA RG3’s Best Moments … So Far

Washington, D.C. had a good run this year. The Redskins won 10 out of 18 games and had a seven-game winning streak that gave them their first division title since 1999. Their streak of good fortune ended after the NFL wild card game against the Seattle Seahawks at the expense of Robert Griffin III’s physical health.

In the fourth quarter, Griffin’s knee buckled underneath him as he tried to field a bad shotgun snap. He was unable to get up from the ground and the opposing team kept possession of the ball. The end result? The Seahawks came out with a 24-14 win.

Despite the loss, it’s been a pretty good year for Griffin, who is affectionately referred to as RG3. His team may be out of the running for the playoffs, you can’t deny that the rookie QB had one heck of a season.

Check out five of RG3’s magic moments from the season.